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The ZU19-C1760 a set of 3 BGA adaptors that, when combined with a LoadSlammer, will provide a fast and comprehensive method for testing and validating the Power Delivery Solution specifically for the Xilinx Ultrascale+ ZU19-C1760

  • Set of 3 Passive Adaptors (PA) for PDN testing AMD Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+  ZU19-C1760 series FPGAs
  • 5 Samtec connectors to slam: VCCINT, MGTAVCC, VCCAUX, VCCINT_IO, MGTAVTT.
  • 6 SMP connectors for testing: MGTAVTT, VCCINT, MGTAVCC, VCCAUX, VCCINT_IO, GND.
  • PA with BGA footprint reflows onto ZU19-C1760 PCB pads.
  • Remote Vsense on Samtec connectors and SMP mini connectors.
  • Most rails can be tested with an LSP200 controller.
  • GUI supports transient, pulse train, impedance and 3D plots

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