LoadSlammer 1100


The LoadSlammer 1100 takes the features of the LoadSlammer 1000 and adds a powerful 3D Sweep test to make it easier than ever to verify power solutions.

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The LoadSlammer 1100 takes the LoadSlammer 1000 and adds powerful features to make it easier than ever to verify your power solutions. The new 3D sweep charting enables fast and exhaustive testing in mere seconds, with all resulting data available to be exported to a CSV file for easy analysis. In addition, the LoadSlammer 1100 features the same free, intuitive GUI that the rest of the LoadSlammer family utilizes, allowing for on-the-fly adjustment of current, slew rate, duty cycle, and frequency, as well as the connection of multiple LoadSlammer devices simultaneously.

User Guide


3D Sweep

  • 3D Sweep
    • View Modes: 3D Surface Map, 2D Contour Map, 2D Pass / Fail Contour Map
    • Toggle Data: Maximums, Minimums, Difference
    • Save Data: Native JPG view export, CSV value export
    • View Control: Tilt, Pan, Rotate, Zoom


1. Minimum pulse width is 6uS

2. Active window >250µs

3. Circuit inductance can significantly limit the performance of the LoadSlammer when running high slew rates. For situations requiring high slew rates, the LoadSlammer must be as close to the load as possible, ideally soldered directly onto the board to bypass the connector inductance. It is our recommendation that the LoadSlammer 1100 be soldered down for any testing with slew rates over 500 A/µS.

4. To ensure accuracy check that a high load current is supplied, especially for high slew rate situations.


A USB-A to USB Mini-B cable is used to connect the LoadSlammer to a computer.

If you have a technical requirement not met by our current products, let us know. We make custom solutions for our customers’ specific needs.


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