LoadSlammer 1


The MicroSlammer 1 is part of the LoadSlammer family, it tests loads up to 1A. Continuous or dynamic loads can be applied to target rails.

It is designed for fast and exhaustive PMIC evaluation of both LDO and DC-DC supplies for lower power devices.

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The LoadSlammer 1 is part of the MicroSlammer range of the LoadSlammer family, a series designed for low current applications. The LoadSlammer 1 is designed to test loads up to a maximum of 1A. Target rails may also have continuous or dynamic loads applied. In addition, the LoadSlammer 1 is designed for fast and exhaustive PMIC evaluation of LDO and low power DC-DC supplies. The LoadSlammer 1 also offers exhaustive 5D testing, meaning the LoadSlammer 1 can easily perform stability and transient analyses.

Testing lower output rails require greater resolution measurements of both voltage and current.  Because of this, the LoadSlammer 1 offers a minimum of 250uA, 500uV calibrated increment measurements.


3D Sweep

The MicroSlammer range of the LoadSlammer family also features the 3D sweep functionality, originally only found on the highest current range of the LoadSlammer lineup.



A USB-A to USB Mini-B cable is used to connect the LoadSlammer to a computer.

If you have a technical requirement not met by our current products, let us know. We make custom solutions for our customers’ specific needs.


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