LoadSlammer Adaptor


The LoadSlammer Adaptor option allows you to emulate AC and DC loads and accurately measure the response of a target ASIC without the need for the silicon to be present.

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NOTE: Price includes 5 adaptors and NRE cost to design the adaptor for your application. If you require additional adaptors past the first 5 you will incur an additional charge.

A lot of time can be wasted trying to accurately place probes and measure what the voltage is on the PCB of a design. The LoadSlammer Adaptor solves this and eliminates the conversation between engineering departments on whether the power design is satisfactory and meets specifications. On-chip/package decoupling, parasitics, and discrete implementations can all be implemented on the LoadSlammer Adaptor board for the most accurate load emulation.

We offer a series of “off the shelf” adaptors and the option to design and build custom ASIC adaptors. 1.00mm pitch down to 0.5mm, with a greater than 4000 ball count.

Capacitor optimization – Eliminate “spray and pray” capacitor placement.

AC/DC tolerances – Steady State, Ripple, Load Line and transient measurements where it matters, where the silicon is. Maintaining signal integrity and not destroying the target silicon transistors is paramount.

Exhaustive Transient Testing – Modern power controllers use sophisticated non linear firmware based algorithms. LoadSlammer Exhaustive 5D testing with “search and destroy” AI algorithms can identify key state based errors with our infinite test vector generation.

Efficiency – Combined with our automated efficiency wizard software, efficiency of the various system rails can be measured quickly and optimized. Inductor choices and switching frequencies can be understood with minimal interaction by engineers and technicians.  Consistent test data.

Large Signal Power Impedance – A real life understanding of network performance.

The adaptor option enables the engineer to perform the above AC and DC tests and measurements on all the voltage rails where the silicon would normally be by mounting a BGA substrate directly on to the target PCB.

Using an adapator ahead of any silicon returning allows the design to be proved out ahead of the ASIC returning from the foundry.  The evaluation and optimization of the power delivery system can be done without needing the target silicon.  Silicon bring up now becomes focused on the chip, with minimal PCB system characterization needed as it can be performed ahead of time.

Eliminate Misunderstanding and Inconsistent Data

Test and Measure Where it Matters

LoadSlammer Compatible Adaptors – Get it Right the First Time

Get to Market Faster

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1mm, 0.8mm, 0.65mm

Maximum BGA Grid Size (Ball Count)

32×32 (1024), 45×45 (2025), 55×55 (3025), 64×64 (4096)


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