The Power Module Games

INTRODUCING The Power Module Games!

Predict a champion for your chance to win a Loadslammer. This summer, ProGrAnalog are hosting our very own tournament – “The…

Sarah Westlake

May 30, 2023

Predict a champion for your chance to win a Loadslammer.

This summer, ProGrAnalog are hosting our very own tournament – “The Power Module Games”.

Five DC-DC power module evaluation boards from MPS, Infineon, Analog Devices, Max Linear and Texas Instruments will be competing the chance to be crowned champion of the power modules!

We’re inviting the engineering community to join in with our competition and predict who will be crowned the ultimate champion. All entries that correctly predict the winner will enter a draw to win one of our LoadSlammer Pro Mini 40 test units.


How it works

We will be using ProGrAnalog’s LoadSlammer tools to evaluate the performance of these five competitors across 6 rounds of testing:

  1. Transient Testing
  2. 3D Sweep
  3. Efficiency
  4. Output Ripple
  5. Current Density
  6. Impedance


How to Enter

If you would like to take part in the competition click here to predict your champion and make sure to follow us on Linkedin for the latest ProGrAnalog news and power module games updates!


Let the games begin!!

The five DC-DC power modules used are: Analog Devices LTM4681, Infineon IRDC28063, MaxLinear MxL 7225, Monolithic Power Systems MPM3690-30A & Texas Instruments LMZ31530. ProGrAnalog as competition sponsor, takes an impartial stance in presenting the results. The Power Module Games is intended to stimulate discussions within the engineering community and provides a forum for power testing best practices. See competition terms & conditions.

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