Microprocessors, active adaptors, and what’s new for LoadSlammer in 2021

There’s a lot we can say about 2020. Let’s focus on the part that excites us the most: the…


April 14, 2021

There’s a lot we can say about 2020. Let’s focus on the part that excites us the most: the pace of innovation has never been faster and microprocessor manufacturing is no exception. To that end, we thought it best to tell you all about what’s new with LoadSlammer in 2021.

If we are being totally honest, the part that excites us the most is what’s coming next. Behind the scenes, we are building load testers and active adaptors and doing deals with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. We are sworn to secrecy on much of that of course, leaving us with only what we CAN tell you about.

New ways to buy slammers and adaptors

If you’ve been to our website before, then it’s likely you have already taken notice of our new digs. We’ve recently overhauled our website in an effort to improve the user experience for our customers, most of whom are electronics engineers who come to us for one reason: load testing.

The biggest change to the website, apart from the snazzy new look, is the improved shopping experience. We’ll offer a more detailed guide as to how to shop for slammers and active adaptors, but for now here are the important bits:

  • You can browse all of our products and filter by product types like adaptors and accessories
  • As always, you can schedule a call to talk to us about your specific needs so we can price out what you require. For our customers who are working on next-generation solutions, this is usually the path of least resistance
The LoadSlammer OracJR for used with Active Adaptors

Access resources, guides, and software like LoadSlammer’s GUI

Whether you are looking for the user guides for our slammers or a software download, creating an account is the way to go. With a LoadSlammer account, you have access to all guides and all software updates as they happen.

If you have any questions about load testing and how to buy what you need, schedule a call to talk to member of our team and get those questions answered.

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