Load Testing

Announcing the LoadSlammer Pro 1000!


March 31, 2021

LoadSlammer Pro 1000 Product Overview

Introducing the first in an entirely new line of LoadSlammer products, the LoadSlammer Pro 1000. The LSP 1000 is the next step up for your testing environment, adding powerful new options to your test suite.

Application Uses

  • DC-DC Point of Load Transient Testing
  • Multi Phase Testing
  • Large Signal Stability Analysis
  • Motherboard Verification
  • DC-DC Firmware Validation
  • DDR5
  • Datacenter, Telecom, Storage, Servers, Video Routers

Key Features

  • 500A DC Pulse Loading, 1A steps
  • 1000A/us Slew Rate
  • Programable Slew Rate
  • Scalable, add up to 4 in parallel
  • Arbitrary Impedance Waveform Generator
  • Integrated 4D testing, frequency, duty cycle, current
  • Vendor Specific Test Suites
  • Interposer and Adaptor compatible
  • Expansion Port for additional functionality

Software Options

  • Auto Phase Stress Testing
  • Large Signal Impedance Analysis up to 5MHz
  • Large Signal Model generation for seamless integration into Cadence and Altium PCB Design Tools
  • API Integration into NI Tool Environment 
  • Real Time Oscilloscope


Connector Information

LoadSlammer provides adaptors for a ‘plug and play’ solution. Click here for the list or contact us if you require an adapter not shown.

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