The LoadSlammer family was created when we wanted to test different power management solutions quickly with a consistent testing methodology across multiple platforms.  We needed to feel confident in our designs.  Using our own independent test tool that reliably captured all the data allowed us to validate designs confidently.

Determining the appropriateness of a DC-DC power supply whether for evaluation, development or for production has become much harder due to the complexity of newer architectures and the level of integration.

Existing test solutions were not suitable for the latest improvements in switching regulator technology.  More rigorous testing was required to feel confident about a DC-DC switching supply.  Nonlinear control loops, multi-phase outputs and micro controllers are now standard features within power management solutions today.

The compact and configurable LoadSlammer family of products now allows for collaboration between engineers of different organizations.  Designers of DC-DC power solutions, Power IC vendors and ASIC/ CPU manufacturers can now share and compare data in a way which was not previously possible.

Before LoadSlammer, it was expensive, and time-consuming to accurately measure and compare the AC and DC performance of DC-DC regulators. The difficulty in measurement resulted in designs that were, at best not optimized, at worst undetected but deployed in the field on the brink of failure.