Multi-dimensional test vector generation with 3D plot and data export

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Easy to use GUI Customizable test suites. Unified test conditions and test results. Pass fail Indicator. 
Component Selection Menu. Remote View and Remote Control.

Validate and Verify with LoadSlammer

The LoadSlammer product family allows engineers to share consistent design, test and validation information.  Complex load profiles and pass/fail test data can be seamlessly compared, allowing for a concise understanding and faster Time To Market.

LoadSlammer Series

From a few uA to 1000+ A the LoadSlammer series of products are appropriate for testing and optimizing high-performance power delivery circuits for multiple markets. Servers, data-centers and above 1000A at > 1000A/us.
IoT (below 20A) voltage rails at very high precision.  The LoadSlammer series can test power management solutions without any additional test equipment.

Scalable and Configurable options available for specific requirements.
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Featured Products

LoadSlammer 1100
LoadSlammer 1100

The LoadSlammer 1100 takes the features of the LoadSlammer 1000 and adds a powerful 3D Sweep test to make it easier than ever to verify power solutions.


LoadSlammer 50
LoadSlammer 50

The LS50 is for testing and optimizing power delivery circuits with multi-purpose voltage conversion regulators




A pack containing one of each LoadSlammer device and one accessory kit.