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Pactiv: Revolutionising Power Delivery Testing

Introducing a game-changing innovation in the realm of power delivery testing – the Pactiv transient and DC load testing unit.


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ProGrAnalog’s Portland, Oregon Site Expansion Continues

ProGrAnalog’s expansion continues with the addition of a Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly Line.


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New FFED for Versal AI Core Series Devices

ProGrAnalog Announces Latest Power Test Tool Support for AMD Versal™ AI Core Series Devices


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Loadslammer is emerging as the industry-standard load testing solution for everyone...

Dave C.
Engineering Lead


LoadSlammer was designed to test different power management solutions quickly with a consistent testing methodology across multiple platforms. Determining the appropriateness of a DC-DC power supply whether for evaluation, development or for production has become much harder due to the complexity of newer architectures and the level of integration.

Existing test solutions are not suitable for the latest improvements in switching regulator technology. More rigorous testing is required to feel confident about a DC-DC switching supply.

Nonlinear control loops, multi-phase outputs and microcontrollers are standard features within power management solutions today.

Our out-of-the-box TESTING solution
LoadSlammer PRO 1000 RS

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Save 30% development time

  • Fast, comprehensive Power Supply and System Validation
  • Better ROI than a DIY solution

Achieve power savings

  • Up to 5% power savings
  • Up to 20,000A/us (@0.6V) in a 60mm x 60mm footprint

Streamline testing operations

  • Robust GUI
  • User-driven insights

LoadSlammer’s GUI make testing a breeze


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